UKCloud Preferred Partner

e2e-assure has become a Preferred Partner in UKCloud’s partner programme and will deliver their world class cyber defence and security monitoring capability to UKCloud’s cloud platform. It will also be available as an optional service for UKCloud’s public sector customers: including Public Sector organisations, System and Service Integrators and Independent Software Vendors.

The e2e service addresses a wide range of requirements for comprehensive security monitoring of virtual environments by providing a cost-effective and scalable service which can be quickly deployed. The e2e-assure monitoring service helps to make both customer and partner cloud deployments within UKCloud inherently more secure, by providing a proven method of detecting and alerting a wide-range of threats, vulnerabilities and system configuration errors. This approach supports the National Cyber Security Strategy by helping to make the UK a safer place to do business and, being a secure, cloud-based service, e2e’s offering also supports the UK Government’s “Cloud First” policy by providing a more secure, resilient and scalable solution than would normally be available from a traditional on-premise solution.

Simon Hansford, CEO of UKCloud said:

“We are delighted to award e2e-assure ‘Preferred Partner’ status, helping customers to achieve even higher levels of security on already the most secure public cloud service across the UK Public Sector. Their services have a proven track record of effective protection for public sector organisations, and we are pleased to be offering this level of assurance on our platform and to our customers and partners.”

Rob Demain, Founder of e2e-assure, said:

”UKCloud is a perfect partner for us, they share the same core values of security and assurance as we do and have the same desire to deliver the highest possible levels of security for cloud services being provided to the public sector.”


About UKCloud

UKCloud provides a true public cloud for the exclusive use of UK Public Sector organisations. We are dedicated to helping our customers gain value from the agility and cost savings of using a sovereign, assured and open cloud platform. Focusing solely on Public Sector customers, UKCloud provides a leading cloud proposition that delivers outstanding value and capability. This ultimately benefits the UK taxpayer, citizens and businesses by enabling Public Sector organisations to deliver better services through technology. For more information go to

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