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Our Valued Customers

Cyber security is crucial for every entity, so e2e-assure works with organisations of all sizes. Our smallest customers have a handful of employees and our largest, tens of thousands.

Our versatility is not limited to customer size: We provide our intelligence-led threat detection and response solutions to companies in a range of sectors including education, travel, finance, manufacturing, aerospace, government, and defence.

Currently, we’re operating multiple service delivery options to suit customer companies. Whether a hybrid model is best for our customer or a fully outsourced solution, our team is happy to integrate with that of the customer or own the project from start to finish. We also manage SaaS models to suit companies looking for software integrations and automation.

To every industry, we offer fast, simple, cost-effective methods of protection, because all companies deserve cyber security.

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Our Approach as Cyber Security Professionals

Find out more about why e2e were founded, where we’ve been since then and where we’re heading in the future.

A Proactive Approach to Cyber Security

We take a proactive approach to cyber security, constantly scanning the threat landscape for new indicators of attack and compromise.

Our Threat Intelligence team is responsible for monitoring the latest developments in the cyber security industry and updating our solutions accordingly. This means that our customers are always protected against the latest threats, and that their security posture is continuously improving over time.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the threats they face, the protections we have in place, and the steps they can take to minimise their risk.

Quote Mark

“I realised a long time ago that the focus on technology at the expense of people and process was all wrong”.

— Rob Demain, CEO & Founder of e2e-assure
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Our Founding Principles

After building SOCs for entities of all sizes, from multinationals to emerging companies, Rob Demain had an epiphany: The industry was approaching cyber security from the wrong angle.

Demain watched technology vendors push their expensive products, driven to “fix” organisations’ security problems. He knew that, through prevention rather than solutions, security budgets could be better allocated to avoid problems.

To achieve this industry about-turn, people would need to be supported by process and technology, not driven by it. On this principle, e2e-assure was founded. We’re thrilled to have pioneered the human over machine philosophy in cyber security.

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Our Modern Story

Even more motivated to drive change in our business, e2e-assure has gone from strength to strength. From our original focus on government and the public sector, we have since diversified into supporting customers in all manner of industries with varying technology stacks.

We are proud to see the industry widely adopting our philosophy. With this mission near complete, e2e-assure has shifted its focus to levelling the cyber security playing field: Our guiding principle is that all organisations should be able to afford the right level of security monitoring for them, and iteratively improve their cyber posture over time.

Our human-centric approach has driven R&D funding, social event organisation, qualification financing, and service expansions, namely into Australia. All of these initiatives enhance our 24/7/365 coverage and we’re thrilled to now also cater to the Australian market directly.

Today, the entire e2e-assure business is optimised to deliver top-quality security operations, with dedicated teams to onboard our service, design it and support the delivery of intelligence-led threat detection and response.

We have a large development team – unique in our industry – ensuring our own SOC platform remains best in class. Internally, Cumulo must cater to our analysts, so our customers know we’ve stress tested our landmark platform with seasoned experts.

As we fortify our standing and our team, we are excited to strengthen the whole industry to move everyone forward together.

Our Promising Future

Having received an investment from BGF in 2021, we can now count on their world-renowned advisory and support. The future of e2e-assure is being built strategically:

  • Our leadership is investing heavily in R&D.
  • Cumulo development is our priority, as either an integrated or standalone Security Information and Event Management platform.
  • We are rolling out unique services that cater specifically to small and medium-sized businesses and others for complex enterprises.
  • Our Account Management teams have been expanded to better support our customers.
  • A partner programme is well underway to complement the services of companies in adjacent industries, to offer even more comprehensive offerings.

We achieved an investment from BGF thanks to e2e-assure’s reliability, honesty, and the trust we have earned from our global customers. We hold our values close at every step of our journey.

Are you the right person to join us on that journey? Explore our open positions:

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We know that growth is inevitable when you invest in your people. Thanks to this mindset, e2e-assure’s collaborators are recognised as experts in our field of security operations.

We invite you to see the range of qualifications we hold as a company and have been awarded to our talented team members.

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