e2e-assure & Nine23 announce partnership

Abingdon, June 2021: Nine23, specialising in cyber security solutions to enable end-users to utilise secure technology through its secure UK Platform FLEX cloud and managed services, and e2e-assure, a trusted cyber security services company with over 20 years’ experience specialising in SOC as a Service and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) will join forces and work together to deliver world class cyber security solutions to reduce risk and deliver value whilst being fully transparent.

Having agreed a set of partner principles together defining what we each deliver and what together will become our joint preposition, the companies who are both UK SME’s feel that it is much stronger to be partnered to enable UK businesses to operate securely.

Together, e2e-assure and Nine23 share the same vision to be trusted cyber security companies enabling secure technology and share the same values of being honest, trustworthy and transparent partners which will result in an exciting collaboration of cyber security services.

Stuart McKean, CEO of Nine23 comments: “e2e assure are a UK Cyber SME who have demonstrated what can be achieved with clear focus and technical expertise on enabling business to operate. At Nine23 we also have proved over a similar timeframe what can be done to enable the end user to operate securely using today's technology. Combining our expertise with what we both offer ensures a true value for money Cyber Security Solution. I look forward to working with Rob and his team.”

Rob Demain, CEO of e2e-assure commented: “We’ve been looking to additional strategic partnerships to continue expanding our operations and one thing we’ve always been very clear on is choosing the right small group of partners who share our values as a business. In talking to Stuart and the team over the last few months it’s absolutely clear that Nine23 share our values about how business should be done and their expertise in this space complements ours. We look forward to a fruitful relationship together.”

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About Nine23

Nine23 provide cyber security solutions and services that enable the frontline end-users in today’s workplace to use current technology, securely.

Today’s end-user expects to operate at work in the same way they do at home – consumer simplicity with enterprise security. We passionately believe that you, the client / customer / frontline end-user should be at the heart of everything we do, empowered to use technology securely and by delivering outcomes for your needs.

We fully recognise, understand and wholeheartedly endorse the value and need for cyber security. Through our vast experience of working with national and local clients/partners, we have consistently achieved the highest levels of accreditation from national bodies/organisations to provide confidence that the systems we develop can be used at highly classified levels of cyber security.

Web: https://www.nine23.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nine23ltd
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nine23

About e2e-assure

e2e believe that passionate and diverse people are the key to creating and evolving a world-class security operation.

They do this through hiring great people and investing in them throughout their careers at e2e with 20% of their time devoted to professional development. e2e build processes around their cyber analysts and expert cyber consultants, taking into account priorities and nuances of customer networks. All of e2e’s and their customer’s people are supported by in-house developed technology, Cumulo, delivering alerts as a single pane of glass, automating the mundane and allowing complete transparency with their customers.

e2e don’t buy into technology being a silver bullet to magically improve cybersecurity and as a result of this save many customers money over their contract through improving their cyber maturity, not plugging gaps with the latest tech. These principles support all of their SOC services, from simple SIEM-as-a-service to hybrid SOCs and full outsourced models.

Web: https://www.e2e-assure.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/e2eassure
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/e2e-assure-ltd/

Media contacts

Nine23 Ltd
Hayley McKean
+44 7391 852 723

e2e-assure Ltd
Dan Young
+44 7904 529 461

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