Our Commitment to Neurodiversity in Cyber Security

At e2e-assure, we believe that diversity is our strength, and we are committed to promoting neurodiversity in our organisation. We recognise that people who are neurodiverse can bring unique skills, mindsets, and ways of working that can be highly beneficial to our business and our clients. We are proud to do our bit for neurodiversity in cyber security.

We are proud to say that 10% of our team identifies as neurodiverse, which is in line with the proportion of neurodiverse people in the UK population. We actively recruit, train, support, and retain people with different thinking patterns, and we provide neurodiversity support to all staff, including extra on-site support in Malvern for those staff members who have come to us through specialist recruitment programmes supported by our partners, the IASME Consortium.

Line Background

Our neurodiversity programme

Our neurodiversity programme is designed to facilitate how we deliver great results for customers with a more diverse team. We have adapted our recruitment processes to better support neurodiverse applicants in the Malvern office, which is split into two separate areas: one for collaboration and one as a quiet space. This enables our employees to work in an environment that suits their specific needs and preferences.

We also provide neurodiversity awareness training across the organisation, and our line managers have extensive experience in managing and supporting neurodiverse staff. We believe that by fostering a supportive and inclusive working environment, we can empower our neurodiverse employees to thrive and deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

From our base in the Malvern office, we offer a supported and positively challenging working environment for our neurodiverse analysts. With support from our partners, the IASME Consortium, and Autism Plus, we provide both full and part-time working hours, with flexible working patterns, a relaxed and inclusive working environment, meaningful and impactful client-focussed work in our SOC team, and regular welfare, mentoring, and career improvement meetings.

We believe that our commitment to neurodiversity in cyber security is an essential part of our corporate culture and values. By embracing diversity and promoting inclusion, we can create a more innovative and successful business that delivers top-quality cyber security solutions to our clients.

We are proud to have built a neurodiverse team that is dedicated, skilled, and committed to excellence, and we will continue to support and empower our employees to reach their full potential.


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