You don’t need a SOC...

Continuously rebuilding your SOC is hard - we know!

We’ve done it 8 times before, now we’ve done it right, so you don’t have to.



Two thirds of organisations are affected by cybersecurity staff shortages. Finding, training, looking after and retaining enough of the right people can be difficult. Especially for a 24x7 schedule.



Bringing information systems together presents many square-peg-round-hole moments. The known unknowns of the technology you are already using are bad enough. “This integration is supposed to work out of the box!” – anonymous SOC engineer.

The unknown unknowns, the “ah yes, we switched to a different cloud platform, the corporate one has too many restrictions”, are a killer! As is the duplicate log storage costs just trying to get the visibility you need.



Building a high-performing and mature SOC to best practise takes time to design and implement. Processes need to be continuously reviewed and refined. It takes rigour to implement, and you need to retrain your analysts to implement them consistently. Naturally, this is made harder by a high staff turnover in the industry.



Obtaining good threat intel is time consuming and costly. It needs to be analysed straightaway, sometimes overnight, and then implemented quickly enough for it to still be effective.

...But you need to stay in control

Fully outsourcing your SOC might make you feel like you’ve lost control and no longer have insight into your current risks. Just augmenting existing staff members is expensive and only really covers one of the problems above.

What you need is a happy medium, where you and your core security staff stay in control and have complete visibility of what the cyber security analysts do, giving you the coverage you need while saving the time, money and hassle of doing it all yourself.

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