What is project HANS?

"It feels revolutionary!"
J. Rimell Development Manager e2e-assure

For a while now there have been rumblings and groans and unexplained noises emanating from the development barn. If you go in there, the developers might let you see a bit of it, especially if you bring cream eggs with you. It's not the kind of thing we've been asked to work on before. This isn't a new integration with an existing cyber tool or log provider to extract value from, and it’s not a new correlation rule engine. It’s a bit different: this will dramatically improve the way we communicate with our customers.

In the beginning there were meetings with some very nice Partner Technology Strategists at Microsoft where they explained the technology options available to developers. To our surprise it sounded easier than it looked. A good few use case workshops and wireframes later and we really started to see the value in what we could do. Work was scheduled for the next few sprints and just recently it’s really started to take shape.

We're building a Microsoft Teams App for Cumulo. Same high-quality attack-chain protection as before. Only now you can get alerted, enquire, respond, follow agreed progress, get real time updates, authorise disconnects, and join bridge calls all from Microsoft Teams on your mobile, tablet or PC.

The noises are still happening, but less as the panning out is taking shape. Its technology the developers are excited to be working on (even more than usual, I have to say) with one telling me "It’s fun and all new".

Cumulo Teams App

We hope you will like it too.

Jim Fox, Head of R&D e2e-assure

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