SaaS Threat Detection

Gain visibility of Shadow IT to reduce your risk in the SaaS supply chain.

cyber threat detection
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Problem Statement

The use of innovative and commercially accessible SaaS productivity applications has become the de facto approach of how modern businesses get work done in an agile and efficient manner.

Budget holders in different departments within a business often contract directly with different SaaS offerings to empower team members to produce their best work using the latest available tools, in doing so there is often an assumption that reputable SaaS providers will ensure the security and integrity of data.

It is the IT & Security teams who need to have visibility of how SaaS applications are being onboarded and configured in order to maintain adherence to security policies and best practices, the proliferation of SaaS apps within a business that may have not been subject to validation by the appropriate IT & Security professionals is commonly referred to as ‘Shadow IT’.

Without having control and visibility of the SaaS estate to enforce global settings, correct user privileges and file security, there is an increased risk of a breach due to weak passwords, data leakage and insider negligence.

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SaaS Threat Detection gives IT & Security teams the visibility of security and compliance across SaaS applications and provides an early warning of potential issues via alerting on suspicious activity.

The e2e-assure Security Operations Centre continuously updates threat analytics and machine learning models in response to the latest Threat Intelligence about weaknesses being targeted by cyber criminals, our customers have a simpler approach to maintaining compliance with industry standards and are protected from being the weak link in the SaaS supply chain.


Service Features

  • Detect threats that look to take advantage of security non-compliance in the leading SaaS platforms:
    • Workday
    • Salesforce
    • Jira
    • GitHub
  • 24/7 alert monitoring and rapid response from our SOC.
  • Security Policy monitoring, deviation from baseline and identification of risks.
  • Extend and expand coverage with options for SIEM and platform integrations.

Service Benefits

  • Regain oversight of the administration and management of SaaS applications to boost their security and compliance posture.
  • Get visibility into where company documents are stored across your SaaS estate and the associated permissions, user roles and sharing activity.
  • Discover and risk-assess third-party tools that access to internal data.

Working With e2e

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective cyber security solution for your business, e2e-assure has got you covered. Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at our testimonials. There, you’ll find feedback from satisfied clients who have experienced the benefits of our services first-hand.

From improved security measures to streamlined operations and increased peace of mind, our solutions have helped businesses of all sizes protect their valuable data and assets.

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“We couldn’t be happier with how e2e-assure responded to a recent Business Email Compromise incident. They went above and beyond the service we pay for to help us.”

— Group Head of IT Compliance, Travel & Tourism company.
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“World-leading cyber threat monitoring is critical to any modern organisation and this is exactly what e2e-assure provide for us and our customers.”

— Phil Dawson, Managing Director, AUCloud.

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