Ransomware/Endpoint Detection & Response

Block ransomware payloads at source with immediate containment of critical alerts.

Line Background

Problem statement

Small and medium businesses are outnumbered and outgunned when it comes to being able to keep abreast of the latest ransomware threats, ensuring the appropriate protective measures are implemented in response to new indicators of compromise being announced is an endless task.

Ransomware continues to be both a high return investment for cyber criminals and a weapon of economic disruption for adversary nation states.

The cyber security industry has responded with Extended Threat Detection and Response solutions for computing endpoints, while these are advanced and have the potential to protect against advanced and novel attacks, the level of operational expertise, customisation and maintenance to achieve the benefits is out of reach for many businesses.


Ransomware Detection & Response from e2e-assure protects your business from the relentless onslaught of opportunistic attacks and provides your security teams the time and space to reflect and proactively plan improvements.

From day one of onboarding our Endpoint Threat Detection service, the security posture of your business will undergo a step change in improvement. We abstract away all the complexity required to effectively protect and detect against perennial cyber-criminal activity, in doing so we make your business an unattractive target for an attack.

Our approach to getting you up and running with the service presents you with a clear explanation of the coverage you have against which type of threats, we validate this continuously as information about new indicators of attack and compromise are received and reviewed by our Threat Intelligence team.

The probability and impact of an attack on your business are both dramatically reduced, the stability of your business operations is safeguarded and your reputation in the supply chain is elevated.


Service features

  • Curated onboarding and baselining to get you the optimum level of protection.
  • 24/7 monitoring and rapid incident response from our SOC underpinned by proprietary Anomaly Detection to detect unclassified threats at scale.
  • Automated and orchestrated response playbooks to contain threats in near-real time.
  • Threat intelligence driven analytics roadmap to ensure the latest and most effective threat detection techniques are being utilised.
  • Simple and clear overview of all statistics and important SOC activity via our included Microsoft Teams app.
  • Configuration and Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) management for managed endpoints via endpoint agents.
  • Support for the following EDR technologies:
    • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
    • Coming soon:
      • SentinelOne
      • Crowdstrike

Service benefits

  • Right-sized Threat Protection and Detection for your business to avoid unnecessary spend.
  • Improvement and visibility of endpoint security posture to reduce risk of a breach.
  • Become a trusted partner in your supply chain.
  • Reduce Cyber insurance premiums.

Why Work With Us?

At e2e-assure, we understand that choosing a cyber security solution provider can be a daunting task. That’s why we are proud to showcase the positive experiences of our satisfied clients on our testimonials page.

Our testimonials offer first-hand accounts of the exceptional services we provide, from custom-designed security solutions to expert support and consultation.

Quote Mark

“We couldn’t be happier with how e2e-assure responded to a recent Business Email Compromise incident. They went above and beyond the service we pay for to help us.”

— Group Head of IT Compliance, Travel & Tourism company.
Quote Mark

“World-leading cyber threat monitoring is critical to any modern organisation and this is exactly what e2e-assure provide for us and our customers.”

— Phil Dawson, Managing Director, AUCloud.

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