Network Threat Detection & Response

Identify threat actor communications across your cloud, on-premise and operational technology estate.

Line Background

Problem Statement

Many businesses are not able to deploy protection measures at the host or endpoint level for the entire estate of assets, especially in legacy and OT environments.

Once a cybercriminal has gained a foothold in your technology estate, they often hide their movements within legitimate technology employed by the compromised business which makes their presence difficult to detect.

Furthermore, highly skilled attackers will seek out threat detection software in the breached estate and either work to disable it or ensure that detections are not triggered.


Network Detection & Response (NDR) from e2e-assure surfaces hidden threat actor activity within the network traffic of your Digital Infrastructure and leaves no hiding place for cyber attackers.

The service is invisible to threat actors, meaning they cannot tamper with or attempt to bypass it. It provides instant value from day one of activation as it undertakes network discovery and provides the list of assets communicating across the infrastructure. It also provides an additional treasure trove of insights for Digital Forensic and Incident Response investigators.

NDR is also an ideal solution for securing Critical National Infrastructure, Industrial Control and Operational Technology networks where passive Threat Monitoring and detection is required due to the nature of the technology in use.

Threat actors operate in stealth mode across multiple attack vectors. Implementing NDR from e2e-assure turns the tables and gives you the visibility, clarity and support required to eradicate them from your digital estate.


Service Features

  • Supports deployment in datacentre / on-premise, Cloud and OT environments.
  • Simple and non-intrusive deployment.
  • Invisible to threat actors and thereby tamperproof.
  • Forms a key component of an Incident Response Readiness programme.
  • Curated onboarding and network discovery to baseline network behaviour.
  • 24/7 monitoring and rapid incident response from our SOC underpinned by proprietary Anomaly Detection to detect unclassified threats at scale.
  • Threat intelligence driven analytics roadmap to ensure the latest and most effective threat detection techniques are being utilised.

Service Benefits

  • Step change in security maturity and detection fidelity.
  • Demonstrate readiness and maturity to respond to a major incident to business peers and auditors.
  • Instant value from network and asset discovery.
  • Enables growth and development through secured integration of legacy assets.

We pride ourselves on delivering customised cyber security solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. With our bespoke solutions, you can be confident that you are getting the protection you need, where and how you need it.

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“We couldn’t be happier with how e2e-assure responded to a recent Business Email Compromise incident. They went above and beyond the service we pay for to help us.”

— Group Head of IT Compliance, Travel & Tourism company.
Quote Mark

“World-leading cyber threat monitoring is critical to any modern organisation and this is exactly what e2e-assure provide for us and our customers.”

— Phil Dawson, Managing Director, AUCloud.

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