Modern Workplace Protection

Secure your business against Business Email Compromise and Account Takeover threats with our M365 account monitoring and response service.
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Problem statement

Cloud based login management and Single Sign On (SSO) have improved the modern workplace user experience, frictionless access to key productivity tools simplifies how teams collaborate on shared documents.

However, without a level of expertise and constant vigilance, it can also create an opportunity for attackers to obtain the keys to the kingdom.

User accounts with access to valuable data and authority over business processes are a key target for cyber criminals, even if only basic user credentials are compromised this can be a first step for the attacker to gain access to privileged accounts.

In addition to implementing best practice account security, ensuring that user accounts are secure requires ongoing monitoring for suspicious activity that could indicate an account has been breached.

Understanding the appropriate permission levels to maintain across the user community, and knowing which signals could indicate an account is being misused, is a moving target as businesses grow and new attack techniques are employed by cyber criminals.

Businesses need to be able to operate safely in the cloud without expending excessive time and resources, users need to be able to collaborate and innovate without being hindered by excessive account restrictions.


Modern Workplace Protection from e2e-assure secures your business against user account and identity-based attacks.

We deliver a straightforward and cost-effective approach to dealing with the increasingly complex challenges of identity and access management, while providing you with clear and simple update of status and posture using the communication tools you are already familiar with: Microsoft Teams.

Service features

  • 24/7 Monitoring and alerting of suspicious M365 account activity.
  • Onboarding and baselining to determine security posture.
  • Quarterly posture validation via threat simulation
  • Simple and clear overview of all statistics and important SOC activity via our included MS Teams app.
  • Ongoing development and refinement of Identity Threat Analytics to ensure detection of latest attacker techniques.

Service Benefits

  • Detection and Response for common attacker objectives:
    • Business Email Compromise
    • Email Account Compromise
    • Critical data exfiltration
  • Supports containment of ransomware propagation through deactivation of accounts exhibiting suspicious activity.
  • Creates the foundation for future advanced MFA and Zero trust implementation.


Improved visibility and security of privileged accounts.

Working with e2e-assure

We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients and the positive impact our cyber security solutions have on their businesses. Our testimonials are a testament to our commitment to providing our clients with the best possible service and support. We value feedback from our clients and use it to continuously improve our services and ensure that we are meeting their evolving cyber security needs.

We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients and helping them stay safe and secure in an ever-changing threat landscape.
“We couldn’t be happier with how e2e-assure responded to a recent Business Email Compromise incident. They went above and beyond the service we pay for to help us.”
— Group Head of IT Compliance, Travel & Tourism company

“World-leading cyber threat monitoring is critical to any modern organisation and this is exactly what e2e-assure provide for us and our customers.”

— Phil Dawson, Managing Director, AUCloud

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