Security Operations Centre (SOC) Services

Get 24x7 visibility of your network within hours, regardless of your technology, organisation size, or budget, with our SOC and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services.

e2e-assure Security Operations Centre (SOC) in action

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Our Security Operations Centre services offer cost effective, tailored visibility into your organisation, arming you with the information and expertise needed to reduce your organisational risk from cyber threats whilst enabling your business to grow.

Everything we do is focused on delivering effective detection and response capabilities to minimise the impact of cyber-attacks. This laser-focus allows us to perfectly align customer objectives, with our services, improving cyber security for all organisations. With offices across the UK and in Australia, we can provide our services 24x7, if required, through UK SC cleared personnel and/or UK / Australian sovereignity.

We’ve tried to keep this page jargon-free, to help explain some of the terms we use and compare our services to others (that may use other terminology), we’ve included a handy jargon buster at the bottom of this page.

How we work

We provide owners of cyber risk with confidence through a transparent and tailored Security Operations Centre that leverages value from existing investments, whilst reducing total cost of ownership. Whether we’re dealing with customers, partners, or our own internal colleagues, we operate with the customer at the core of our decision making. There are three simple tenets that underpin our services, being a truly trusted advisor to our customers through:

  • Shared objectives - our primary goal with every customer is to make them more secure and reduce their risk from cyber threats. To achieve this goal, we made a very clear decision to not sell any other tools or services that don’t support our SOC and supporting teams. No one piece of technology can fix all organisations’ cyber security problems and so we work independent of any providers to advise the right options for the specific customer requirement to meet our shared objectives.
  • Transparency - in short, everything our SOC Analysts do, our customers can see, right down to the smallest ticket, should you wish. We pride ourselves in being an extension of your team and can’t hope to do that without providing you complete visibility into what our team are doing.
  • Unbiased advice - as we don’t resell any other company’s products or services, we’re not financially rewarded for recommending any tools. We work with customers to build out a strategic cyber roadmap, aimed at prioritising purchases to provide the best value, focusing on your key assets, routes in and ways to protect them. The aim of our advice is simple, any future purchase, be they third party or an additional service that we can provide, have to support the shared objective of improving your organisation’s cyber security.

e2e-assure global cyber security operations centre and protective monitoring

What we do

Our services are completely flexible to all organisations, threats, technologies and budgets and include:

  • Understanding the key threats to your organisation - we understand your business through our Threat Workshops that identify likely threats based on your organisation and industry as well as any routes an attacker may take to get hold of your critical assets. This allows us to prioritise spending to deliver the best value from day one.
  • Detecting and responding to threats - another flexible element, we can simply provide triaged alerts to customers to deal with, taking away the noise of alerts from their teams, provide remediation advice or even respond to certain threats with pre-agreed processes (playbooks).
  • Providing threat intelligence - our team of Cyber Consultants and SOC Analysts provide regular updates, relevant threat intelligence, including remediation advice, allowing you to be more pro-active and reduce your attack surface.
  • Improving 'cyber maturity' - we don’t just rest on our excellent detection and response capabilities; we actively work with customers to build a roadmap of continuous cyber improvement. We help prioritise investments, based on the initial (and evolving) understanding of key threats and your network to ensure the best return on your cyber investment.

We also offer a range of supporting services, which can be found here.