Whitepaper: the cyber security paradigm shift: from cost centre to competitive differentiator

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The threat landscape in the UK and globally is changing. The National Cyber Security Centre is urging businesses and charities to strengthen their cyber security practices as the frequency of attacks increases. No matter how big it is or what industry it serves, every organisation should be prepared for a cyber attack. CISOs now, more than ever, face the challenge of making their organisations resilient in the constantly changing threat landscape.

However, business leaders often think of cyber security as an item on an IT checklist and a cost centre. What do CISOs need to do to change the perception of cyber security within their organisation and encourage a positive cyber culture? How can they communicate effectively with the Board to secure the budget and ensure conversations have a positive outcome? And what challenges must they overcome to turn cyber security into a business enabler, not a blocker, and make it a source of competitive advantage?

In this whitepaper, we examine what needs to be done to embed cyber security into an organisation and how to lay the foundations to make cyber security a business enabler. We give CISOs top tips on how to communicate effectively with the Board and cultivate good relations along with key takeaways on how to elevate cyber security in an organisation and make it a key business differentiator.

The paper summarises insights gleaned from leading industry thinkers who joined e2e-assure for a thought leadership roundtable event, chaired by Ian Murphy, CEO and Founder of CyberOff. We would like to thank all the speakers for sharing their insight and the contributingion to this whitepaper.

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