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become a partner

Partners are the cornerstone of our business and we’re looking for organisations that want to improve end customer outcomes through a joint proposition, leveraging each other’s respective strengths and expertise. If this sounds like you, read on.

"Our partners are carefully selected based on mutual benefit for each other and the end customer"
- Tom Evans, Partner Manager, e2e-assure

At e2e, we’re not interested in resellers. That’s a bold statement, but it’s true. We strongly believe that good partnerships are reciprocal in value and not just about making more sales.

We’ve done the leg work that many organisations cannot or don’t want to do in building out a world-class Security Operations Centre (SOC) and we specialise in the detect and respond capability this offers. We know there’s much more to security than just excellent 24/7 monitoring and that’s where we’re looking for partners to compliment our service and provide more holistic security and enablement for customer organisations.

Our partner programme is built on three principles: simplicity, transparency and outcome based. (it’s that simple.) If you’d like to find out more about what it’s like being an e2e partner, then download our partner programme overview using the link below.

Benefits to partners

We talk a lot about mutual benefits, which can come in all shapes and sizes – have a look at some of the benefits our partners enjoy from a successful relationship with e2e-assure:

  • Additional capability and expertise
  • Increased customer confidence and retention rates
  • Upsell potential
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Service visibility and a reduction in MTTD (mean time to detect) and MTTR (mean time to respond)

Benefits to e2e

We’re not completely altruistic and are open and honest in the benefits that we enjoy from working with the right partners, including:

  • Access to new customers and markets
  • A larger sales team and increased momentum
  • Reduced sales cost
  • Enhanced brand recognition and trust