Introducing e2e-assure’s new starters – Aaron Lewis

As part of our new series introducing our new starters, this week we find out more about Aaron Lewis.

Aaron joined e2e-assure in May as an Account Manager to support our current customers with their ongoing cybersecurity improvements. (Aaron is on the left in the photo)

Aaron's career background

Aaron’s career has always been within the IT industry, starting at a Managed Print Provider before moving into distribution looking after large resellers and focusing on networking and security. After experiencing life in distribution and getting a broader look at what the IT world had to offer, he moved to a Cybersecurity business where he spent 4 years as an external account manager.

Why e2e-assure?

Services and, in particular, Security Operation Centres (SOCs) was an area that Aaron was keen to spend more time in, especially considering the emergence of technology to support these functions. Having spent a lot of time in distributors and resellers, Aaron was keen to join a vendor to learn more about life on this side of the fence.

Aaron reached out to a consultant that specialised in SOC and cybersecurity service opportunities in and after receiving information on a few organisations, Aaron decided that e2e were the most interesting with a clear proposition and belief in how a SOC should be run. Like other recent joiners, when Aaron was looking into the company, it was just after the BGF funding was announced, which made it feel like the right time to join the organisation.

Services and SOCs are a big interest for me and e2e-assures substantial growth plans had me interested from the start. They focus on the people aspect and the integration around current technologies rather than customers ditching what they have." Aaron explains, "Their expansion into Australia and recruitment within the sales team is exciting and I have enjoyed starting with smaller companies and being part of them grow in the past.” he continues.

About Aaron

Outside of work, Aaron takes part in a number of sports, including playing football for his local team, running (after completing half and full marathons, he’s targeting an Ultra Marathon and Ironman next). Aaron also did Kickboxing up until he went to University and is a Blackbelt. He’s continued to have a keen interest in watching UFC and following Mixed Martial Arts.

"I am extremely competitive, I don’t even like losing a game of Monopoly! Football is a key part of my social life with training and matchdays at the weekend."

Outside of keeping active, travelling (38 countries and counting), the odd festival when there’s time and listening to podcasts.

Most importantly Aaron is also a family man and very busy at home with a newborn son.

Combining his hobbies and busy schedule, Aaron said "Once travel is allowed, I will be purchasing my son a little backpack and jetting away somewhere with him and my Partner. Ultras are a long-term aspiration, my son is needy (like father, like son), and I might be able to squeeze in a long run or the gym once he’s gone to bed.”

We hope you'll join us in welcoming Aaron to the team, if you’re interested in potential opportunities at e2e then visit our Careers page or email

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