e2e-assure’s new starters – Siva Singaravelu

In this blog we introduce Siva, recently recruited to the role of Junior Software Tester at e2e-assure.

Siva's career background

Siva studied engineering in Southern India and took an MBA. After graduating Siva started pen testing as a freelancer. Siva joined an internship, of which the main project was covering healthcare, although other projects involved the end-to-end testing of a cosmetics company and an airline app. At the time the challenges included lots of new learning and working around the demands that Covid measures brought to the testing environment.

Siva says,

“After a time, I wanted to move out of freelancing for something more permanent, I found out about e2e-assure on LinkedIn and was interested in the job role after learning more about them. I felt there would be lots of learning and challenges, so I applied”.

Siva said of her initial experience with e2e-assure:

“I loved the straight-forward interview process and the way e2e interviewed me, it all made sense”.

Current role

In the first few days Siva got to meet all her colleagues at the office and has already set up a carpool with two others.

“I am getting to know everyone and have met all my team – they are all lovely, in fact they are my dream team, they are all so helpful.”

Since Siva joined e2e-assure, there has already been lots of learning which she believes will help her grow her career further.

“My future goal is to automate the system in order to save testing time and efforts. I am really looking forward to creating a documentation process and knowledge base which will benefit the team as well as the future pen testers”

About Siva

Married with two young children (who are very good by the way – in fact, they are so quiet they don’t disturb Siva when she is working – we really want to know the secret to this). Siva loves volunteering.

“I was surprised that in the UK there are so many selfless volunteers. I am part of a local volunteering team which during Covid dropping groceries and medicines to people. I previously worked for Helen & Douglas house and have made good friends from that time”.

Siva is also kept busy outside of work as a trustee and secretary for her daughter’s school PTA but still finds time to trek among such places as Snowdon and the Brecon Beacons.

“I love trekking, my next target is Ben Nevis. I also like sport, I was a state player for table tennis in school in India, I still play table tennis when I can find a partner but tend to find a partner for a game of badminton much more easily”.

Having some pretty keen sports people at e2e we are sure there would be plenty of scope for an e2e Table Tennis Team and what a great team captain Siva would be! Watch this space!

If you’re interested in potential opportunities at e2e then visit our Careers page or email careers@e2e-assure.com.

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