e2e-assure partners with iomart PLC

e2e-assure has entered into a new partnership with cloud computing and managed services company, iomart.

The two organisations will deliver combined services that utilise iomart’s cloud infrastructure and managed services, backed up by a world-class, 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) from e2e-assure, with threat hunting, remediation and incident response delivered collaboratively by both organisations.

This approach allows customers to buy cloud services that are designed securely from the start and benefit from ongoing protection from our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services.

iomart's customers will benefit from the 'best of both worlds' as their IT estate is managed by iomart and supported by e2e, ensuring a 'secure by design' roadmap, with external cyber security monitoring to avoid the common issue with one organisation trying to do it all of 'marking your own homework'.

e2e-assure were identified by iomart as the right partner for them to help drive their mission of making customers unstoppable, by enabling them to connect, secure and scale anywhere. This partnership adds another element to ensuring customers can work and grow, reducing the worry about cyber security.

The partnership not only expands both organisations' growth potential with new customers, but also better supports existing customers. Through this partnership e2e will be able to increase our view on cyber threats across multiple markets, giving us even better threat intelligence to support our existing customers.

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Read the full announcement here.

Find out more about the combined service here .

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