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BGF, the UK and Ireland’s most active investor, has completed a £10.5 million minority investment in e2e-assure, an established, fast-growth cybersecurity business based in Oxfordshire. The funding

Part One of this article covered some of the challenges of the traditional SOC approach – overly technology focused with budgets taken up with hardware

Since launching in 2013 e2e have used our own, specially designed SOC platform “Cumulo”, designed as the ultimate analyst support tool, and have focused on

Saturday the 10th of October was World Mental Health Day – an important reminder of the continued importance of mental health in both the workplace

2018 seems to be the year when the panoply of cyber security standards comes into effect. Over the last few months, it’s been impossible to

In recent months, we have seen an increase in the number of cyber-attacks taking place across the globe. The UK Government is dedicating £1.9bn over

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