Introducing e2e-assure’s new starters – Tom Evans

At e2e-assure we’re seeing increasing demand for our services and as part of that have started ramping up recruitment across the business. We’ll be introducing new starters at e2e as we continue to grow as an organisation and thought it was best to start with the new starters to our Business Development team that has doubled in size in the last few months.

First up, we’ll start with the most recent joiner: Tom Evans.

Tom joined e2e-assure in June to head up our Partnership Programme. Our partners are a key component of our service and we’ve seen great success with our relatively small group of partners who utilise our SOC capabilities to supplement their own unique offerings to create a more secure solution for customers. Tom will be looking after some key partners and focusing on driving new partnerships with like-minded organisations. We’ll ask Tom to provide an update on our plans once he’s got his feet under the table!

Tom's career background

Tom is an electronic engineer by discipline and started out his career by joining a defence agency (which was later privatised) in a technical role. He quickly moved into more operational and business management roles covering a wide range of responsibilities, from managing small business groups to supporting the board on mergers and acquisitions. After a while, Tom found himself working in the Cyber arm of that organisation and found the role to be interesting and decided to focus on Cybersecurity from then on.

Tom had an opportunity to move to a small organisation and help build out their cyber capability in 2014 in an operational role. As is the life of a smaller organisation, he quickly found himself getting involved in everything including sales and bidding. Once the operational side of the business was running smoothly he moved into customer-facing roles and found that he thoroughly enjoyed working with partners on building out propositions and increasing capability for mutual benefit, including that of the end user.

Why e2e-assure?

Tom had known of e2e for some time and kept an eye on what the company was doing. He acknowledges that there’s never a right time to leave an organisation as you’ll never have ‘completed’ a role and was enjoying what he was doing but saw a few factors that made it the right time to join e2e. Naturally the news of BGF’s investment in e2e to support the company’s growth plans were a key factor:

I felt I could bring my expertise gained from my previous organisations into e2e at this exciting time in their growth” explains Tom.

In particular, Tom is excited to expand the mutually beneficial relationships that true partnerships thrive on. Reflecting on this, Tom said:

In my experience, the best partnerships are where we both bring something to the table. So, as not everyone can afford to build their own SOC, I’m looking forward to working with partners to see where the great people, processes and technology we’ve got will enhance their service portfolio and grow their customer base.

He also referenced e2e’s approach to neurodiversity – e2e-engage – as a factor in his decision, evidencing that the company tries to do the right thing and clearly has a good culture for supporting employees.

About Tom

Outside of work, Tom has 2 step-children and a 9-month old, couple that with starting a new job and an excitable Labradoodle and he admits that most of his hobbies have been on hold for a while. When life’s a bit less hectic, Tom spends his time playing in bands (guitar), tinkering with cars and motorbikes and even as an amateur photographer.

"I call my hobbies my ‘meditation’. Being able to focus on one thing, like what chord comes next in a song for example, means that any other worries or challenges have to take a back seat!”.

We hope you'll join us in welcoming Tom to the team, we look forward to seeing the Partner Programme develop. If you'd like to discuss becoming a partner of e2e-assure, please email and Tom will be in touch. If you’re interested in potential opportunities at e2e then visit our Careers page or email

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