e2e-assure’s new starters – David Nicholson

Continuing with our new starter series, we are introducing David, Cyber Security Analyst at e2e-assure.

David's career background

Finishing his A-levels a year ahead of time, David started working in IT with an apprenticeship in computing (web development). From there he took a Computing with Hons degree and started work as a Cyber intern in the beautiful town of Malvern.

One or two cyber analyst roles later and David was made aware of e2e through a conversation on local SOCs. David was surprised to learn there was a cyber security company with a local office nearby where he could also continue to work a similar shift pattern. What attracted David even more was the modern feel of e2e he discovered in his company research.

David said of his interest in e2e

“e2e’s core values and beliefs really resonated with me, and I found I agreed with a lot of Rob’s (CEO) statements. I was also impressed with the information on neurodiversity and the support e2e offered”.

Current role

David is looking forward to the work culture here. The new tools and software e2e uses along with it’s approach to security are very different to his previous company.

“I am looking forward to shadowing analysts and seniors and setting my own training goals for developmental learning. Being trusted to decide my training content and manage my budget and study time is a very new concept for me as I haven’t been given that flexibility previously. I love that, R&D days are treated very seriously here”.

David likes the flexibility of shift work and notices just how flexible it really is working here.

“I love traveling in my days off shift. I would like to build up to a senior analyst role where I can help and mentor people whilst staying on a shift pattern for a great work life balance”.

About David

"Before Covid-19 restrictions I was a different person with a lot on my agenda, now after the restrictions, I find I am still doing a lot but many different things to previously".

Before, Buddhism and meditation took up a lot of David’s spare time and he enjoyed travelling.

“The Pandemic has made me want to travel even more. I like to hike and mountain climb. I recently came back from a 5 day hike in Romania of the Făgăraș Mountains. I plan to climb Mont Blanc in August and at some point in the next couple of years Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest Base Camp. I am going to try and complete two or three hiking trips a year and of course fund raise alongside these”.

David has also previously worked for a charity aiding adversity and neurodiversity by providing light and sound tech at events.

“Somehow I have found I am providing light and sound tech assistance for 9 gigs and 2 festivals this year”

Like e2e David seems to be very busy this year! Of all his hobbies, David says he loves being able to meet different cultures and learning everyone’s story.

We do too David! Please join us in welcoming David to the e2e-assure family!

If you’re interested in potential opportunities at e2e then visit our Careers page or email careers@e2e-assure.com.

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