e2e-assure launches new Microsoft Defender Services

e2e-assure launches new Microsoft Defender focused SOC services to help organisations kickstart their cyber risk management.

Witney, Oxfordshire: e2e-assure, a leading Security Operations Centre (SOC)-as-a-Service and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider, has launched new services to help businesses using Microsoft Defender tools to substantially improve their cyber risk management and maximise their investments.

Rob Demain, CEO at e2e-assure says:

“Many organisations have access to Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools at no additional cost through their Microsoft licence package. However, many organisations lack the people, time and expertise to respond to the alerts flagged by Defender for Endpoint, meaning that they are unable to make the most of this valuable security tool.”

The services focus on maximising organisations’ investment in Microsoft Defender tools and cover endpoints, email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Office 365 and third-party apps. e2e-assure will provide 24/7 SOC services to reduce organisational risk against common threats such as ransomware and business email compromise. The service is designed to be implemented rapidly as a cost-effective solution with predictable billing, in order to quickly improve an organisation’s cyber security posture.

Rob Demain continues:

“With nearly a decade of experience, e2e-assure understands the security concerns facing many organisations. Our goal is to kickstart effective control of cyber security to reduce risk through an always-on SOC. Our new services add value to Microsoft Defender tools by reducing workloads and the need for in-house resources. We provide remediation advice and, with the Managed service, can get actively involved in the response – for example suspending a user or isolating a device. By leveraging existing technology and partnering with customers, we actively improve cyber risk management, enabling them to scale and grow whilst improving their cyber security posture.”

Find out more about our services at e2e-assure.com/services-microsoft-defender.


Notes to Editors

About e2e-assure

e2e-assure provide CISOs, CEOs and other owners of cyber risk with confidence through a transparent and tailored Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services. We leverage existing investments to reduce the total cost of ownership and share our cyber security expertise through our Cyber Maturity Programme.

We don’t buy into technology being the single answer and build our services around having just enough technology, supported by world-class people and processes. We make life easier for our customers by providing rich data across all technologies within a network through a single pane of glass using our in-house developed SOC Platform, Cumulo.

Website: e2e-assure.com

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