e2e-assure is a Microsoft Gold Partner

As part of our ongoing closer alignment with Microsoft as a chosen strategic partner we have received our first Gold status on cloud platform competency. This is the first in a series of what will be several Gold certifications we are currently working towards.

The requirements for a Microsoft Gold certification involve multiple competency tests, aimed to ensure that all Gold partners can evidence technical capabilities across the Microsoft stack. At e2e-assure, we’ve been working hard over the last few months to extend the experience across our teams, gaining multiple Microsoft certifications across a range of competencies. You can view the full range of our teams’ qualifications here.

Alongside our work on certifications and technical abilities to achieve further Microsoft competencies, we have been refining our service offerings, across all technologies and partners. Of relevance to Microsoft are our Sentinel SOC services, Microsoft Defender Services, Microsoft 365 optimisation and our beta Microsoft Teams SOC app.

Sentinel SOC Services

Microsoft Sentinel is one of the newer Security, Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools on the market, but fast becoming one of the most used. It’s growth is down to a number of factors, including great coverage across technologies, leading automation tools and access to Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence.

Our services centre around the Sentinel platform, adding additional coverage across technologies that Microsoft don’t currently offer and mitigating against some of the challenges of using Microsoft Sentinel.

Find out more about Microsoft Sentinel and our range of services

Microsoft Defender Services

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is one of the leading Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tools on the market. Microsoft Defender for Business is a slightly scaled down version, now included free with any Microsoft 365 Business Premium licence (and shortly as a standalone), for organisations with 300 or less employees.

We provide services centred around both Defender for Endpoint and Defender for Business, with options to add additional Defender tools. Our services allow organisations to have 24/7 eyes-on Defender, with remediation advice and/or action on alerts.

Our Microsoft Defender Services reduce noise and increase capacity, allowing organisations to maximise their investments in the technology.

Find out more at here

Microsoft 365 Optimisation

These services are inherently flexible to the requirements of our customers. Broadly speaking, we work with organisations to understand their Microsoft 365 licensing and technologies, helping them maximise both.

With licensing, we often find that organisations may be paying for tools (such as within the Microsoft Defender suite), but may not be using them at all. Likewise, some may be using Defender tools, but also using other technologies that could be duplicating work. Our Microsoft 365 Optimisation services help to de-duplicate technology, which can save significant money, whilst improving security posture.

When it comes to technologies already in use, our experts help organisations to ensure they’re configured correctly, to ensure security teams see the right information across the network, with no gaps. We help to prioritise changes to have the biggest impact on improving security as quickly as possible.

Microsoft Teams SOC app

We’re really excited about this. We’re working on a new app for Microsoft Teams, that we believe is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Releasing at Infosec, the Teams app will allow users to manage their Security Operations instantly, from anywhere, at any time, through Microsoft Teams.

We’ll keep it to that for now, unless you want to find out more and sign up as an early adopter here.

Get in touch

If you’d like to talk about anything Microsoft, whether that’s the specific services mentioned above, or any other services or tools not mentioned here, then contact us and our experts will be on hand to help.

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