Cyber Security Summit 2017

In recent months, we have seen an increase in the number of cyber-attacks taking place across the globe. The UK Government is dedicating £1.9bn over the
next five years to grow the country’s cybersecurity capabilities to be able to match this growing threat.

The e2e-assure stand at the Cyber Security Summit 2017

The 4th Annual Cyber Security Summit took place on the 4th of July @ America Square, 17 Crosswall Road in London. The summit attracted over 250 cyber
security and ICT professionals from the public sector, including representatives of central government, local governmental branches, and the NHS.
The event held numerous talks followed by short break out sessions where attendees would have a chance to interact with their peers. e2e, as one of
the sponsors of the summit, used this as an opportunity to meet with potential customers.

Much of the summit was focused on the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) such as "Malicious Activity Investigations under GDPR".
I personally attended a talk given by Mike Newman, the CEO of My1Login on GDPR fines, Phishing and Shadow IT. The talk focused on passwords and
password management policies from the perspective of GDPR compliance.

Jim Fox, our head of Development attended numerous presentations throughout the day. He came back from one focused on phishing, marvelling that:

"Even after training the employees within your organisation against phishing attacks 25% of your employees will still click on links in phishing emails."

So my question is – if even after training your staff there is still such a high risk of an employee clicking a malicious link, what more can you do to protect yourself?

That’s where e2e comes in – our 24/7 SOC is capable of identifying vulnerabilities in your systems and responding to attacks as they happen so as to prevent any damage caused to your organisation.

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