Coming soon: Microsoft Teams SOC App

Manage your Security Operations Centre instantly, from anywhere with the Microsoft Teams SOC App.

When detecting and responding to potential cyber-attacks, speed is of the essence. Teams are often geographically distant, working remotely and even on mobile devices. CISOs, board members and other cyber risk owners want to be kept up to date with emerging situations or risks, anywhere, anytime.

To detect and respond to cyber incidents, many organisations work with e2e-assure to deliver 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) services, integrating their current technologies into a single pane of glass, through our SOC Platform, Cumulo. This has always allowed both the customer and e2e-assure to work off the same data, in the same platform, regardless of technology deployed.

We’ve been working on a new Microsoft Teams App for Cumulo to bring instant response and updates, in a familiar, easy-to-use tool, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Not only will this support our current SOC customers, but also our new Microsoft Defender Services and Sentinel SOC services. Be an innovator and sign up for our proof of concept testing programme using the button below: