Collaborate with an Expert Cyber Security Services Partner

We believe in the power of partnerships to achieve shared success. As a cyber security specialist, we are always searching for partners that we can mutually benefit from shared expertise.

We are always looking for like-minded organisations that share our vision and want to improve end-customer outcomes through joint propositions that leverage our respective strengths and expertise. If you are interested in partnering with us, read on to find out more on the benefits of partnering with a cyber security specialist team.

“Our partners are carefully selected based on mutual benefit for each other and the end customer.” Tom Evans, Partner Manager at e2e-assure.

We have built a world-class Security Operations Centre (SOC) and specialise in intelligence-led threat detection and response. We understand that security is more than just excellent 24/7 monitoring, and we are looking for partners who can complement our service and provide more holistic security and enablement for customer organisations.

Our partner programme is built on three principles: simplicity, transparency, and outcome-based. We believe in keeping things simple, transparent, and focused on delivering outcomes for our partners and their customers. If you want to learn more about what it’s like to be an e2e partner, you can download our partner programme.

Why Partner with e2e-assure for cyber security solutions

Partnering with e2e-assure comes with many benefits. Our partners enjoy additional capability and expertise, increased customer confidence and retention rates, upsell potential, additional revenue streams, service visibility, and a reduction in MTTD and MTTR. These benefits help our partners to grow their business and achieve their goals.

In return, we enjoy access to new customers and markets, a larger sales team, reduced sales costs, enhanced brand recognition, and trust. Our partnerships help us to expand our reach, improve our offerings, and achieve our own business goals.

We value our partners and are proud to work with some of the best organisations in the industry. Our current partners include a range of organisations from various industries, such as technology, financial services, and healthcare. We are always looking to add new partners to our network and work together to achieve shared success.

If you are interested in becoming an e2e partner, please get in touch through our contact us page.

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