About Us

Find out what it's like to work with us, whether you're a potential employee, customer or partner.

Who are e2e-assure?

Formed in 2013, e2e are a diverse group of ~85 people (as at January 2021), based in the UK and Australia, focused on providing our Security Operations Centre (SOC)-as-a-Service and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to organisations of all sizes, with the goal of improving their cyber security.

e2e-assure was founded by industry experts, with our founder holding over 20 years’ experience in delivering secure, end-to-end security operations for online payment systems; designing, developing and delivering cyber defence solutions and developing and starting up complete Managed Service solutions.

Our customers cover a range of services, sizes and sectors including education, travel, banking, aerospace, government and defence. Our smallest customers have a handful of employees and our largest, thousands.

Our story

Find out more about why e2e were founded, where we've been since then and where we're heading in the future.

Our founding principles

After building SOCs for many years and for companies of all sizes, from multi-nationals to SME’s, Rob Demain realised that the industry was thinking about cyber security in the wrong way.

Tired of endless talk from vendors of their piece of technology being the one tool to fix an organisation’s security problems and a disproportionately large percentage of security budgets being spent on technology as a result, Rob founded e2e-assure in 2013.

It was on the principle that people should be supported by process and technology, not driven by it that e2e was founded and operates to this day.

"I realised a long time ago that the focus on technology at the expense of people and process was all wrong".

— Rob Demain, CEO & Founder of e2e-assure

The story so far

9 years on and e2e have gone from strength to strength. From an original focus in government and public sector, e2e have diversified into supporting customers in all manner of industries, of all different sizes and with varying technology stacks.

Whilst the founding principles remain true to this day, the cyber security industry has, on the whole, caught up with Rob’s way of thinking (although there are still many vendors who push technology as the sole answer).

In recent years, we’ve shifted our focus to being more about levelling the playing field of cyber security, so that all organisations can afford the right level of security monitoring for them, and to allow them to iteratively improve their cyber posture over time.

We continue to put people at the heart of our operation and have developed our processes and in-house SOC Platform, Cumulo, around them.

We’ve invested huge sums in our staff, through R&D time, social events, qualifications and more and expanded our service into Australia to further enhance our 24/7/365 coverage and to address the Australian market directly.

Where we are now

As a result of this investment in people, we are now recognised as experts in our field of security operations. Our whole business is optimised to deliver this, with dedicated teams to onboard our service, design it and support the delivery of our SOC. In addition and quite uniquely, we have a large development team ensuring our own underlying SOC platform is the best in class. We focus on Cumulo being the best at supporting our analysts and our customers, not just being a flashy tool to wow decision makers in the buying cycle, without actually providing value to the people using it day-in, day-out, to protect your organisation.

We have multiple service delivery options, with ‘hybrid’ models (where our team works with your team), full outsource (where we do it all) and SaaS models where we simply provide the software and use cases, integrations and automation.

Where are we going?

We recently received an investment from BGF and are using this, along with their advice and support, to grow strategically. We're scaling our services, investing heavily in R&D, in particular the development of Cumulo and have developed services that suit SME's as well as our bread and butter in highly complex enterprises.

We've also invested in our Account Management teams to better support our customers now and as we grow and built out a partner programme to allow our services to be complimented by and compliment other organisations.

We are reliable, honest, transparent and trusted by our customers globally and this has been the key to our success, and values we hold close as we move into the next phase of our journey.


1/10 people are believed to be neurodiverse in some way, see how e2e focus on improving our ability to deliver great results for customers with a more diverse team.

Our accreditations

Whilst we’d love to just talk about how great our people are, you may want some evidence into the range of qualifications we’ve got as a company and individuals.